👋 Hi!
My name is Juan Manuel and I'm a GUI designer and photographer, based in Quito, Ecuador; who dreams of becoming a writer, in a world where fewer and fewer people read.

On design.

I’ve been designing GUIs for the web and native applications for almost two decades, from audio VSTs to industrial software.

Across the years I’ve helped develop projects in multiple industries: sound recording, retail, banking, logistics, mass media, amongst many others.

I won't tell that every project I’ve worked on was successful but failure has always been my greatest teacher.

On photography.

Photography is something special for me, and very much like a weird sentiment or sensation, it's still very hard to explain why.

While still just a hobby, even if I've sold some work and had some contracts, photography is the medium that makes me feel "creative freedom" in its purest form.

And there's just something magical about freezing time.

On writing.

I’m just starting. That’s it.

I just want to put out the stories I have in my head, to freeze them in paper; in time.

Don’t by shy, say hi!